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Digital PR Made Easy – MyNewsDesk

In this over-communicated world, we’re on a quest to deliver the fastest, most effective way for you to get your stories heard by the people who really matter to your organisation – and manage it all in one place.

We’ve Been You

During their experience in journalism and digital, the three founders – Peter, David and Kristofer – noticed that the connection between brands and influencers (such as journalists and bloggers) was terrible. So they set off on a mission to put the relations back into PR.

That’s why Mynewsdesk, the all-in-one PR platform and online newsroom, was born in 2003.

Mynewsdesk increases engagement between you and your most important audiences by enabling you to create, communicate and manage your stories – on your own terms.

It doesn’t matter if the exposure happens on your company website, or through other channels where you share your content, Mynewsdesk will always be the original source. This reflects the ongoing shift in the media, PR and communications industry – from push to pull. Or, as we also like to see it, the post-excel PR world.

Pioneering Digital PR

Mynewsdesk has remained a true pioneer, providing communicators with a modern digital PR service. With just one click, you can give the right audiences direct access to relevant press releases, blog posts, social media feeds, high-resolution images and graphics, videos, and more – at the right time. Influencers can start following your newsroom, engage with content, and become part of a network of influencers.

Publicity Across All Platforms

All news releases, PR and marketing content are presented in a fully responsive, user-friendly online newsroom. All information published in the online newsroom is search-engine optimised and integrates with social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, and WordPress.

Global Ambition, Local Approach

In 2008, Mynewsdesk was purchased by Norwegian media group NHST, which owns several of Norway’s leading business publications, including Dagens Næringsliv and Today Mynewsdesk is AAA- Dun and Brad street rated, and the fastest growing company in the group. Headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, Mynewsdesk has offices in Norway, Denmark, Finland, the UK, Germany and Singapore.

We’re proud to host more than 5 000 brand newsrooms and serve 25 000 registered companies worldwide. We help over 40 000 PR and marketing professionals reach out and engage with people every day. The 97% customer satisfaction rate we’ve held for several years tells us that we’re doing the right things, but our ambitions are high and we’ll always aim for more!

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