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Website Basics

Before updating or creating any website for contruction business every website owner should take a decision what role should play the website.

If the website will be used for communication purposes the first step is to choose Content Management System. We are suggesting WordPress, as it is the most popular, flexible and easy CMS.

Communication & Conversions

Information on such website should be well structurized and webiste integrated with social and media platforms. International business companies usually need local communication tools in different countries. For these purposes MyNewsDesk communication platform can be used.

Beside that website should convert High Quality Leads. Business owners should propose valuable offers for website visitors to interest them and get their  contacts for closing the sales deal.

For lead conversion should be chosen technology such as Smartsheet or alternatives. Different level integration of converted data is available with existing CRM or ERP systems.

Webiste traffic generation

Next step is application of traffic generation technologies. Website should be integrated with social networks. RSS newsletter will help to distribute automatically blog articles. SEO will generate organic free traffic from Search Engines.

Every construction business have existing business infrastructure and a lot of different information, so before starting new website we recommend Free Consultation to make decision where to start and how to develop the website to get the most value of it.

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