How to Be Successful on Social Media with Content Curation

How to Be Successful on Social Media with Content Curation

How to Be Successful on Social Media with Content Curation

Content curation has become an integral part of social media marketing. This is the act of sharing great content, thus providing value for your fans and followers through curation, but How do we introduce relevance between shared content and your brand? How can we offer a measurable return on investment for every link you share?

Why should my brand curate content on social?

Many brands are already taking advantage of curated news content on their owned and operated websites, and curation on social media is a natural extension of those efforts. Fresh journalism will make your brand relevant in your followers’ social streams. Curated content also allows you to scale your campaigns with the pace of the web, without exhausting all of your resources on original content.

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For B2B brands, the goal is typically to become a recognized thought leader on channels like LinkedIn. Posting high-quality news content demonstrates that your brand is on top of all major industry trends. B2C brands can use curated content to show their personality on Facebook or Instagram, while attracting new followers with viral-worthy posts.

Many experts suggest that at least 25 % of everything you publish on social media should be content from others.

Systematic process for сontent сuration

You can’t manually sift through content in your niche, the research could take hours. Plus, doing it without a set process would be hard if you had to do it everyday, or on a regular basis. Keeping on top of current events would become a real task.

Create your process. Identify top blogs, influencers, and new agencies to follow. You could streamline the process further by monitoring RSS feeds of every site on your list on a curation software. To add your RSS Feed URL and schedule & share content to your connected accounts using SociaPilot is very easily!

Read as much as possible of what you intend to post on your social pages because it will represent your brand. Get your content marketing team involved. Ensure that everything that goes out is screened for relevance, value to your audience, and how it aligns with your central theme.

Place curated content alongside your created content on a content calendar. That way, you can enjoy an overview of your curated/created content distribution ratio and track if you have focused on central theme enough.

How can we offer a measurable return on content curation?

The answer is simple. In order for there to be a measurable return, an action needs to take place, and the most directly measurable action is a click-through. Whether it’s to your landing page, an Amazon page, or an Eventbrite page, there simply needs to be a click-through opportunity.

By using a simple iframe, Sniply lets you embed a call-to-action directly into content from others. This call-to-action links to a destination URL of your choosing. With every page you share with Sniply, there is a click-through opportunity. This means that every link you share will have a tangible conversion rate of click-throughs to your destination URL.

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